God Heals Because He Loves

“Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” ~Luke 4

What started out as a prayer team with a verse from Luke, ended with Jesus Christ healing celiac. God is personal. He knows your heart. He knows the wounds and the scars, and in His awesome love, He heals. He loves us wholly and completely.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how beautiful the love of God is and how far it reaches. At Redeeming Freedom Ministries, we never really know what God is going to do next, only that it is going to be awesome. And Jesus Christ? …well, He does all the work so He gets ALL the credit.

What about you? “What are you carrying that you are not meant to carry?”

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Published by Leslie Crouse

Leslie Crouse is the Director of Redeeming Freedom Ministries. She has a Biblical Studies degree from Evangel University and a Masters of Business with a focus in Nonprofits from DeVry University. Leslie is also a stay at home mother of five children.

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