When Art Unlocks Healing

As children, we connect feelings and experiences to colors and shapes long before words come along. In RFM’s Christ-centered Healing Art Session, you will reconnect feelings and experiences to colors and shapes, discovering truth, forgiveness and healing along the way.

What’s it like? In a Healing Art Session, there is a group of about 6-12 individuals. No one verbally shares the details of what comes up, but expresses them with paint on canvas instead. Healing Art Sessions are about discovering healing through forgiveness, truth and color. Reasons why you should sign up now:

  1. You can bring a friend.
  2. You get to mess, doodle, & play.
  3. Group setting.
  4. Find healing. Find freedom.

Here are a few words from our most recent Healing Art Session:

The Lord showed me truth about His love for me and how He is always with me. He has me covered even in the messes. I felt peace within His presence and in hearing His voice. I needed to feel connected to Him and He met me right here and used colors and art to show me His love and truth. I now have a visual reminder of what He showed me and I can draw peace from them when things get messy because I now see Him there.

–Michele C.

Today the Lord brought to light the hurt and separation I was feeling towards Jesus. I was able to intimately talk to Jesus and let go of the control I was holding on to. I put my trust in Him and He showed me how much He cares and loves me. I was able to reconnect, let go, and be set free of feelings I didn’t not know had a hold of me. Jesus is my healer and He wants to heal!

–Lori W.

The Lord revealed to me that even though I have grown spiritually with Him, and had known the truth, the lie that I had believed was still hovering in the background shedding its cloud at every turn. Since going through Redeeming Freedom I am now free from the lie. It no longer does it have its hold on me and as a result I will hear from the Lord more clearly and release His word over people who He wishes to reveal Himself to.
I will no longer be in doubt nor question hearing His voice.

–Teresa R.

Published by Leslie Crouse

Leslie Crouse is the Director of Redeeming Freedom Ministries. She has a Biblical Studies degree from Evangel University and a Masters of Business with a focus in Nonprofits from DeVry University. Leslie is also a stay at home mother of five children.

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