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Find Healing. Find Freedom.

Sometimes life gets sticky. You are going along and you hit a road block you cannot seem to get past. Maybe it’s a lie you have believed about yourself, God or someone else. Maybe there is someone who you have cannot forgive and the bitterness is eating you from the inside out and hurting those you love. Could be the generational weakness running in your family is rearing its ugly head…. and it needs to end with you. Maybe you are brokenhearted. Shattered into pieces and wondering if you will ever heal or trust again. There is hope. There is healing. There is freedom. At Redeeming Freedom Ministries we help you find healing and freedom through the finished work of the cross of Jesus Christ. 

If you are looking for freedom from anger, fear, hatred, sexual sin, or witchcraft; tired of painful memories controlling your decisions and reactions; or unhealthy cycles and patterns are making you feel trapped it may be time for Inner Healing.

Located in Branson, Missouri, Redeeming Freedom Ministries is a Christ centered, emotional healing and deliverance ministry designed to help you find freedom in your walk with Christ. With a foundation of repentance and forgiveness, our team at Redeeming Freedom will help you find a deeper connection with God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Nothing in your life is too big or too ugly for Christ to redeem and set you free from.

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