Family Wounds

My sister and I hated each other for as long as I can remember. There was no loyalty between us, no affection. We fought viciously from an early age and our feelings of contempt, hatred and jealousy only grew. The thought of forgiving her made me fight waves of nausea. Broken, I sought inner healing to find freedom from this toxic relationship… When the team prayed, we asked Father God when this hatred entered my family. The Lord showed me how my grandmother had opened the door to hatred in our family. It hurt my mother and her sister. I found a sense of freedom in that. It wasn’t just on my sister and I, but that we were another link in the family chain. As I repented on behalf of my family and myself, I found I could forgive her. I forgave my sister for the painful rejection I had experienced from her and I forgave myself for my own hatred and contempt. That moment marked the beginning of my healing and freedom. I still face hard moments as my sister has not found this freedom yet, but now I can approach her from a genuine heart of peace, understanding and forgiveness. And I see a beautiful bond of love between my own children, unmarred by hatred. God will finish the work he has started. – November 2021